Monteze Freeland performing in the New Hazlett workshop production in April 2015.  Photo by Renee Rosensteel

Monteze Freeland is returning as our title character, John Henry, in our 2017 JH:Mechanics of a Legend production at the August Wilson Center!! Here’s what Monteze has to say about the opportunity:

Rarely does an actor get the pleasure of jumping back into the shoes of a character, so when the opportunity comes you have to turn up the heat and truly live in the story. It’s akin to climbing a mountain again, and although it will still present certain challenges you have the experience of navigating the terrain. It’s never easy to present a work and essentially ask ‘So, what did you think?’ because people will tell you. But that’s a part of the journey that we are willing to take. Working with Anya is always a pleasure and seeing her take critique, go back to the beginning and crafting a bolder way to tell the story are just a few examples of her dedication to the legacy and what it represents.

We are so excited to continue this journey with you Monteze!!

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