Welcome to Hiawatha Project!


Hiawatha Project explores the experiences of living in Pittsburgh, and connects these experiences to regional, national, and global social questions.  In this way, we strive to illuminate human connections by discovering the universal and infinite in the ordinary and specific.


A little bit of our history


Hiawatha Project’s inaugural work Camino, written and directed by Anya Martin, was a poetic exploration of current immigration policy and was praised as “courageous” and “smart, sharp and witty” by the Pittsburgh City Paper with “scenes of imagination and poetic insight” by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Hiawatha Project’s next show JH: Mechanics of a Legend will be presented at the August Wilson Center Feb 9th through the 18th.

 JH: Mechanics of Legend 

John Henry: An American Legend who died with his hammer in his hand.  His story is our story.  To learn more about the show click here!