MTS Online Showing – April 3-5, 2020

In 2 short days, about 320 people from AROUND THE WORLD watched “My Traveling Song,” in the comfort of their homes! We received beautiful messages from families in Ireland, Australia and across the US. Here are some photos they shared.

“And if you ever lose your way…count the stars and hear me say…Hold on. Hold on.” – Lyrics and Music by Monica Stephenson, “My Traveling Song”


Here is a list of items to gather so that you can get into the action!  

  1. A bucket or bowl with some clean kinetic sand, regular sand, pebbles, maybe some beans or rice – just something you can “dig” into.
  2. A fan – electric, or you can make one out of a piece of paper.
  3. Paper leaves – cut out some leaves from paper. The lighter the paper, like tissue paper, the better.
  4. A small spray bottle –  filled with clean water to make your own “raindrops”
  5. An umbrella or raincoat – to be sprayed for “rain.”
  6. A battery-operated candle or small flashlight – to hold up together.